Projekt "Certifikacija proizvoda Hildegard d.o.o." je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj.
Projekt: "Internacionalizacija poslovanja putem izlaganja na sajmovima" je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj.


My journey of creating the products is about going back to the basics, back to what nature offers in its purest forms. I was always intrigued by the raw, be it information, formulas, or ingredients.

I am captured by the unrefined and rugged power of plants.

I love using ingredients that have served us for centuries and that we know well. My excitement starts when I take that, and blend it with what we know through our science today.

It is an on-going journey of getting to the root of things, then refining, reimagining, testing, experimenting.

2 brands. 1 mision.

With the same mission of natural, safe and effective cosmetics, we tell two stories with two brands. We do not leave room for compromises on our mission. We only provide a wider choice. From the same source of knowledge, with a different way of production.


We keep our source where we started - in our small accredited laboratory situated in Makarska, Dalmatia. There, we make limited editions of natural hand-made products with a choice of only 10. Our production capacity will remain limited. Two hands are and will always be two hands. And there is something special about mixing your products with hands.


Following the legacy of Hildegard, we recently established a more available and urban brand, AVVE. With that we are getting out of the boarders of Croatia and are becoming internationally available. AVVE products are natural certified products. In cooperation with our external laboratory partners, we provide the same mission, but to a wider scope of customers, offering a wider choice.